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Welcome to Materia Medica, Clinical Herbalist! My name is Sam and I’m a Clinical Herbalist in Cleveland, Ohio who seeks to help people find their version of balance and health through the art of plant medicine and the science of modern nutrition.

My approach combines traditional western herbalism with modern nutritional science, functional medicine and lab work to help clients deal with a wide range of issues and empower them to make informed, impactful decisions regarding their health and wellness.

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14520 Detroit Road – Lakewood, OH 44107

inside Norris Family Chiropractic

Client Reviews

Sam is incredibly knowledgeable and so helpful! He came highly recommended by both my son’s chiropractor as well as a friend of mine in the medical field when I was looking for alternative ways to help my son handle some complex medical issues that have stumped his doctors at the Cleveland Clinic for the last year.

Not only was Sam able to address some of these health issues and help get my son to a better place health wise, but he was always professional and available to answer any questions we had even outside of our scheduled appointments.

I highly recommend Sam and Materia Medica for anyone looking for a more natural approach to their health and wellness concerns.

Heidy B.

I started seeing Sam at the recommendation of a friend. I wanted to take better (…and natural and proactive) care of my own health after receiving some borderline high blood test results. Sam was able to review these tests, along with my symptoms and physical examination, and recommend dietary and lifestyle changes for me. What I love the most is that the Wellness Plan lists those changes in very concrete manners (order this supplement, use this smoothie recipe for breakfast, drink this tea). It made it really easy to follow. What I can’t stand is doctors look at these blood results and say “lose weight and exercise.” Well, Sam showed me HOW to lose weight and exercise, and with a gentle approach that makes me feel empowered. I am relieved to take better charge of my health and I find that I have so much more energy and my confidence is on the way up!

Caitlyn S.

Sam is incredibly knowledgeable in not only herbal medicine but nutrition. For years I struggled with hypersensitivity to sugar. Even just a low amount would give me heart palpitations. I’ve talked to numerous primary doctors and they always ignored me because my fasting sugar level was not classified as diabetic. Sam listened to me attentively and provided me a well thought out wellness plan that is helping my body process sugar better. I’m so happy I finally have someone that listens to my health concerns with genuine care. I look forward to continuing my sessions with him!

Julia C.

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Sam Greene, Clinical Herbalist in Cleveland

Thanks for visiting Materia Medica!  I’m Sam, a clinical herbalist in Cleveland, Ohio.  I work with herbal remedies, modern nutritional science, and lifestyle changes to help my clients find their version of balance and health.

I'm looking for a clinical herbalist in Cleveland. Where do you see in-person clients?

My practice is inside Norris Family Chiropractic office, located at 14520 Detroit Road, Lakewood, OH 44107.  I see in-person clients there by appointment only.

I don't live in Cleveland - can we still work together?

Yes!  Though I’m a clinical herbalist in Cleveland, Ohio, I also work with clients across the country via online consultations.  Online consultations are done via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc. and can be scheduled online.

How long will my intake consultation take?

Intake consultations, whether in-person or online, typically take about an hour and a half.

How long are follow-up consultation appointments?

Follow-up consultations are typically 30-minute sessions.